Our seminars include a personal appearance by Dana Marquez to teach parents and coaches how to select the correct helmets, shoulder pads and footwear for their athletes by following manufacturers’ fitting guidelines.

Seminars also offer one-on-one fitting sessions for athletes (using already purchased equipment), and access to eLearning for participants to show mastery of taught material.

Requirements and Agenda

We will require 3 to 4 players with a full set of school-provided equipment (e.g. helmet, shoulder pads, and shoes). Dana will personally fit players, explain the manufacturers’ fitting process, and go over the parts of the helmets and shoulder pads. A question and answer period will follow. Coaches will then receive free access to the eLearning.


1 to 15 coaches: $1,500.00
16 to 26 coaches: $2,000
27 to 37 coaches: $2,500
38+ coaches: get in touch

For scheduling information, contact Dana at [email protected], or complete the form to the right.

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