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4 Reasons to Still Wear a Mask in the Post-COVID Era

September 5th, 2023

reasons to still wear a mask in the post-COVID era

Fall is right around the corner, and with the vibrant season comes a slew of fun activities, holidays and more. Before you find yourself out and about, think about these four reasons to still wear a mask in the post-COVID era.

If you will be around someone with a lowered immune system.

Individuals fighting off other diseases, such as cancer, for example, may have a compromised immune system. Another good example of when it would be appropriate to wear a mask is when you are visiting a hospital or nursing home.

High-risk populations could be found in both settings. Having a SHEMA97 mask by, for instance, readily available could make it easier to visit friends and loved ones.

When you will be in large crowds or traveling.

Are you planning a to rock the days away at a big music festival? Is it time to head to the tailgate before hitting the crowded stadium to cheer on your team?

Already making holiday travel plans? Be prepared for any environment and situation with a lightweight, comfortable and breathable mask.

Traveling with a friend? Consider ordering the SHEMA97 travel pack! It includes our two most popular styles, the Black V2 style, which is opaque, and the Black V1 style, which is semi-transparent.

Other people around you are wearing masks.

This is one of the reasons to still wear a mask in the post-COVID era that boils down to respect. When you are in a setting where others are wearing masks, it can be a good idea to have a mask on hand to wear to help put others at ease.

It makes you feel more comfortable.

Finally, wear a mask if you want to. You can wear a mask in the movies if you want or when you go grocery shopping, for instance. If it makes you feel more comfortable for whatever reason, that’s a good enough reason to mask up.


Now that we’ve shared these four reasons to still wear a mask in the post-COVID era, there’s no time like the present to stock up and be prepared for the fall and winter ahead! Learn more about the SHEMA97 mask by and other innovations by reading our blogs.

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