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4 Summer Activity Safety Tips

June 5th, 2024

summer activity safety tips

School is out for summer, so the books are packed away and outdoor summer fun begins! But before you get active outside this season, review these four summer activity safety tips to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks.

Whether you’re into swimming, hiking, biking, or sports camps, staying safe should always be a top priority. Here are some essential summer activity safety tips to ensure you have a fun and safe summer:

Stay hydrated.

One of the most important things to remember when engaging in any physical activity during the summer is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your outdoor adventures. Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, so keep a water bottle handy.

Protect yourself from the sun.

The sun’s rays can shine bright during the summer, so protect your skin from sunburn and potential long-term damage. Wear sunscreen with a high SPF, sunglasses to protect your eyes and a hat to shield your face from direct sunlight. Remember to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours, especially if you’re sweating or swimming.

Wear helmets.

If you’re biking, skateboarding or engaging in any activity that involves wheels, wearing a helmet is a must. Helmets significantly reduce the risk of head injuries in case of accidents, so make sure to wear one that fits properly and is securely fastened according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Supervised swimming and water play.

Water activities are a staple of summer fun, but it’s essential to practice water safety at all times. If you’re swimming in a pool or at the beach, make sure there’s a lifeguard on duty or have a responsible adult present to supervise. Additionally, make sure children are always wearing appropriate flotation devices if they’re not strong swimmers.


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy fun in the sun, especially now that you are familiar with these basic summer activity safety tips. Check out our helpful sports fitting guides if your child participates in sports camps this summer, from cheerleading to baseball. 

In the meantime, keep reading our blogs for more sports safety tips and other industry news. 

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