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4 Tips for Wearing a Mask While Exercising

February 5th, 2024

tips for wearing a mask while exercising

While wearing a mask during a workout may feel unusual at first, there are some ways to comfortably wear a mask during physical activity. Check out our top four tips for wearing a mask while exercising.

Find the right mask.

From disposable and reusable to surgical face masks, there are a wide variety of mask options to choose from. No matter what kind you pick, you will want to use a mask that is snug around your face and made from a tightly woven, breathable material.

Shema97 masks feature 40s (spinning counts) finest wool material for absorbing sweat, a special nano fabric to block toxic substances, breathability, an adjustable nose piece and soft, adjustable ear straps.

Focus on your breathing.

One of the biggest tips for wearing a mask while exercising is to focus on your breathing. Wearing a mask to the gym can take some getting used to, but by focusing on your breathing, you can prevent yourself from feeling lightheaded and even have a more successful workout.

Taking slow, deep inhales and exhales through your nose can be a great way to focus on your respiratory adjustment. Plus, by breathing through your nose, you will decrease the amount of moisture in your mask.

Take advantage of the benefits. 

The benefits you will reap from wearing a mask while exercising may even help you build lung strength and capacity.

To clarify, when your face is covered during physical activity, your lungs have to work harder to get air into them, which in turn can strengthen your respiratory system. By making your lungs and diaphragm stronger, you may then see an increase in performance.

Know your limits.

Knowing your limits when exercising while wearing a mask is important. This means that you may need to decrease your intensity level when first exercising with a mask.

Don’t worry, though—your body will adjust. Be patient, give yourself permission to pull back, implement breathing techniques and change your mindset.


The bottom line? You can safely workout with a mask—just follow these tips for wearing a mask while exercising. Looking for a mask to wear to your next workout class or outdoor running session? Check out the SHEMA97 mask by And for more useful ways to mask up, continue reading our blogs.

Before you start an exercise regimen, it is important to consult a healthcare provider to ensure you do not have any conditions that may be hampered by exercise.

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