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5 Jambys Products Fit for Spring

April 5th, 2024

Jambys products fit for spring

Spring has sprung! Prepare for the warmer temperatures and upgrade your athleisure wear this season with these five Jambys products fit for spring.


For starters, meet the JamTee. This short-sleeve shirt is made of 95% modal, 5% spandex and is woven in French Terry. Meaning, that this top is breathable and stretchy, created with ultra-comfiness in mind

In addition, the everyday tee is designed with side slits at the bottom to give you space and help keep your shirt from riding up.


A hybrid product of boxers and basketball shorts, the Jambys are super-soft French Terry boxers with pockets!

As well as having pockets, these shorts have no button fly, making for complete coverage. This design allows for these shorts to be worn comfortably anytime, anywhere!

Black Tie Jambys

Looking for a more elevated look from Jambys? Try the Black Tie Jambys, the luxury pair. Complete with a tuxedo satin side trim, this special edition is a heavyweight version of the original French terry, made for those big nights in.

Basketball Shorts 

Not a basketball player? Don’t worry—according to Jambys, their Basketball Shorts are designed for maximum relaxation while watching basketball!

Made with an elastic waistband, side panels and a built-in Jambys jersey lining, these shorts are made to lounge around in. Plus, an engineered pocket design creates four separate spaces for your items, and a pocket guard prevents them from falling out when lying down or sitting.

Soffle Shorts

Plush, breathable, and soft—it’s what makes the Soffle Shorts one of the Jambys products fit for spring.

With an inseam in between the Jambys and Basketball Shorts, these boxer shorts are created for ultimate comfort. The waffle material is perfect for lounging inside or out without breaking a sweat. And they have pockets too!


From lounging inside to enjoying the warm sun and crisp breeze outside, these five Jambys products fit for spring will have you feeling cool. Shop for yours now to step up your spring style.

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