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What is the difference between and USA Football’s Head’s Up player safety program?

October 23rd, 2017

Photo: Marquez presents at Auburn Friday Football luncheon.

USA Football is an excellent organization dedicated to “evolving and growing the sport of football,” and it has taken an important step in player safety with its Head’s Up Football program; “a full-featured program that any league or school can use to address key safety issues.” The program also offers helmet fitting with a manufacturer that offers excellent protective football equipment. However, that manufacturer’s equipment is the only equipment that athletes can be fit with through USA Football’s Player Heads Up Safety Program. knows that one size does not fit all, one manufacturer’s equipment does not work for every athlete, and the best helmet on the market is the one that fits properly and uses the latest safety technology. This is why is where athletes go to get fit to play.

Because of Dana Marquez’s experience and dedication to athlete safety, countless parents, coaches, trainers and doctors have approached Dana to fit their athletes for all of their protective equipment needs. gives every athlete the opportunity to be fit by one of the best equipment managers in the country.

Dana offers educational videos for parents and coaches to learn how to properly fit equipment based on all the manufacturers guidelines, so that each athlete can find the equipment that works best for him or her.

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