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3 Tips for Preparing for Winter Sports

December 5th, 2023

tips for preparing for winter sports

The winter sports season is upon us! Between wrestling, basketball, hockey and the endless number of other winter sports preparation is an important step to begin your season the right way. Start your winter sports preparation today with these tips.

Prepare your body for sport-specific demands.

It’s important to understand that certain sports have specific demands. For example, sports that require endurance rely on aerobic exercises, whereas sports that require bursts of energy rely on anaerobic exercises.

When participating in aerobic sports, you should regularly do cardiovascular exercises that increase your breathing and heart rate for a sustained period. This can include indoor cycling, swimming, running and strengthening exercises.

Anaerobic sports training and preparation should include cross-training activities such as cardio, weightlifting or plyometrics.

Properly layer to keep warm.

The environment is a big component when it comes to winter sports and training in the cold. Ensure your body is protected from cold temperatures by properly layering to keep warm. The typical rule is three layers of clothing: a base layer, mid-layer and an outer layer.

The base layer should be made of wool, nylon or polyester to move (or wick) sweat away from your body. The mid-layer should consist of wool or fleece type of fabric to insulate and trap body heat. The third, and final outer layer, should consist of a fabric designed to prevent wind and/or moisture from getting to the body.

In addition, a warm hat or helmet, gloves and socks should complete your winter sports wardrobe along with sunscreen, SPF lip balm and protective eyewear.

Hydrate and feed your body appropriately.

When temperatures drop, our water consumption significantly decreases which can cause serious injuries and induce dehydration.

Athletes should remember to drink fluids before, during and after working out. Additionally, mixing in sports drinks containing carbohydrates and sodium can help our bodies stay hydrated.

Healthy eating habits are also essential. Pre- and post-exercise food should include high-quality carbs, lean protein and healthy fats.


Is your season getting ready to kick off? Be sure to remember these tips when preparing for winter sports. Interested in learning more? Check out our winter sports guides, such as our Ice Hockey Equipment Fitting Guide and continue reading our blogs.

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