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6 FAQ and Answers From Huddlbox

January 5th, 2024

FAQ and answers from Huddlbox

Are you looking for ways to elevate your classroom instruction and experience? Is your school’s athletic program ready to take training to a new level? If you answered yes to those questions, these six FAQ and answers from Huddlbox may explain how it can help you reach those goals!

FAQ and answers from Huddlbox

Please note that we took these FAQ and answers from Huddlbox directly. However, we changed the pronouns accordingly and the order of the questions for our purposes below. 

How does Huddlbox show video playback on the sidelines or at a sporting event?

Huddlbox will mirror playback video from any device via an HDMI port on the Huddlbox TV.

Can any device be plugged into a Huddlbox TV for display and sound?

All Huddlbox TVs have three HDMI ports and one USB port for connecting devices for mirroring and sound.

What if I want to use my Huddlbox and there is no power outlet available?

Huddlbox sells a rechargeable battery that will power a TV for only four hours and TV and mic for two hours.

Am I responsible for producing the artwork that goes on my Huddlbox?

No, you send them high-quality artwork, images and logos that you want on your Huddlbox. Their graphic designers will produce a custom design and submit a proof for your approval. If you don’t have high-quality files to share, ask about their complete graphics package.

How long will it take to get my custom Huddlbox?

Once you approve your Huddlbox artwork proof, it will go into production and ship within 2-3 weeks of the production start date, in general.

Does my Huddlbox come with a warranty?

Huddlboxes come with a one-year warranty on the sound system and speakers, a two-year warranty on the TV and a three-year warranty on the Huddlbox itself.


Now that we’ve shared some of the top FAQ and answers from Huddlbox, there’s no better time to order yours through the official online retailer, which is us! Choose from the Huddlbox Elite or the Large Gameday Huddlbox. Learn more about Huddlbox, HF Innovations, our eLearning series and other endeavors by reading our blogs. 

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