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7 Reasons to Wear Properly-Fitting Athletic Equipment

January 5th, 2022

reasons to wear properly-fitting athletic equipment

You’re busy! We know what that’s like. Still, you’re never too busy to look after your players—or keep them safe. If you need to refresh your fitting techniques, these reasons to wear properly-fitting athletic equipment will likely motivate you to try out our eLearning program.


It’s no exaggeration to say that properly-fitting equipment is just as important to athletes’ safety as proper tackling techniques. It can also prevent bruises, sprains, and concussions. So, make sure that you’re taking the best possible care of your team—and ensure that they have the right fit—with our eLearning courses.


If you’re wearing a shirt that’s far too loose or way too tight, do you feel proud of your appearance? Probably not!

The same goes for athletes—and their equipment. One of the other reasons to wear properly-fitting athletic equipment is that it improves confidence.

Professional, uniform appearance

Poorly-fitted equipment can make even the most capable team look ill-suited. Keep your team looking professional and uniform with the right fit.

Peace of mind

Three groups of people will have peace of mind when a coach ensures their team wears properly-fitting equipment. The first, of course, is their team members. The second is the parents, guardians, and loved ones of the players.

And finally, for the third group, we have the coaches. After all, you care about your team—and you want to know that they’re protected.

Certification in compliance with state and national guidelines

You’ll take any chance to cheer on your team, right? You can boast certification in compliance with state and national guidelines with our eLearning program.

Building strong teamwork relationships

When you show your players that you care about their safety, you’re building a strong teamwork relationship. In fact, you’re showing them that they are important—and they matter to you. This can help them feel connected—especially if sports are their main outlet.

Better performance

Have you ever tried to play with shoes that keep slipping off? Or a helmet that keeps sliding down? You probably didn’t do a good job, did you? Not to mention, you weren’t very safe either!

Instead, be smart and make sure all equipment fits properly—not just for a better performance, but to take care of your players too.


Your players depend on you! And, according to these reasons to wear properly-fitting athletic equipment, their safety depends on you too. Fortunately, our eLearning program can give you the resources you need to succeed. You can get started here, once you click the eLearning tab. Finally, for more info on how we can help your team, check out our blog.

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