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8 Reasons to Wear a Mask This Fall

September 6th, 2022

reasons to wear a mask this fall

We’re weeks away from officially saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It’s a vibrant, busy, action-packed time of year which gives us several reasons to wear a mask this fall and beyond!

Back to school.

If your middle-schooler, junior high, high school or college-aged student feels more comfortable wearing a mask to class, it’s the perfect time to refresh their collection.

The lightweight SHEMA97 mask by was designed with all-day comfort in mind. Plus, the handy strap makes it easy to keep up with—perfect for busy students!

Upcoming cold and flu season.

Wearing a mask could make you feel more prepared for this year’s upcoming cold and flu season.

Fall allergies.

This may be one of the more underrated reasons to wear a mask this fall. But fall allergies triggered by ragweed pollen, for example, can last through October, depending on certain conditions.

Crowded events.

Football. County fairs. Pumpkin festivals. Haunted houses. Concerts. The list goes on and on as school, sports and other fall activities kick off.

Traveling to see friends and family.

You never know what you’ll encounter or who you’ll see along the way, so have a comfortable mask ready for all your travel needs.

Work retreats, team building and other office events.

Once again, fall is a busy time of year. It’s also a good time for companies to get their employees together for a little outdoor fun—plus end-of-the-year planning.

Being in close quarters for brainstorming is yet another good reason to have a mask on-hand.

Halloween and the holiday season.

Fall is full of fun, including all the Halloween festivities you can think of. Trick-or-treating, fall festivals and costume parties are just a few holiday events that require us to carve out time and be in crowds.

Luckily, our 12 Halloween Costumes to Wear with the SHEMA97 Mask blog is ready to help you scare up some good ideas!

Peace of mind.

Finally, if wearing a mask is part of your daily routine, why not opt for one that is breathable? There are several styles, colors and size options for the one and only SHEMA97 mask. Shop our collection now.


Now that we’ve shared these reasons to wear a mask this fall, it’s time to get organized! For more useful ways to mask-up and other news, keep reading our blogs.

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