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12 Halloween Costumes to Wear With the SHEMA97 Mask

October 7th, 2021

Halloween Costumes to Wear With the SHEMA97 Mask

Halloween masks sure have taken on a different meaning in the past couple of years. Luckily, we have the SHEMA97 mask by to keep us safe and styling, all season long. You can even use it to accessorize your look! Use these Halloween costumes to wear with the SHEMA97 mask to spark your inspiration.

Black mask

Let’s kick off our list of Halloween costumes to wear with the SHEMA97 mask with a clean black style. You can use the V1 or the V2 for these ideas.


After you don your costume, put on a black mask. You can’t forget the fangs, though! Tape triangles of white paper on to complete the ensemble.


Or, you could take the teeth one step further, and dress like a spider with pincers. Will you go as a black widow, a jumping spider, or a mouse spider?


Get a black mask to match your eye patch for a quirky pirate costume. And don’t forget that hook hand, either!

White mask

Our white mask is just as versatile. Here are some options!


Boo! Wear a mask under your costume—or add a second one on top—for a retro Halloween fit.


Want something nice and simple? A white mask will blend in perfectly with all those bandages!


You could dress as a typical doctor, or you could go for a scarier vibe as a bloody surgeon. Take your pick!

Black V2

Our black V2 masks can easily blend into your costume. Use it with options like these!


No bones about it—a black V2 mask would look great on top of some skeleton face paint.

Grim reaper

What’s that under the hood? It’s a black V2! Use it to complete your gruesome grim reaper costume.

Black cat

This one’s a fan-favorite for a reason! Dressing as a black cat is a classic. You can even tape some whiskers and a nose to your mask!

Pink V2

Got a pink V2 on hand? You can use it for costumes like these!


Classic and sweet! Pair one of our pink V2 masks with a pink unitard and wig for a sugary bubblegum costume.

Pink Lady from Grease

Grease fans, you’ve got the perfect costume waiting for you! Go vintage with a modern twist when you dress as a Pink Lady from Grease in a cute V2 mask.

Pink pig

Option one: a typical farm pig. Option two: Miss Piggy. Option three: Porky Pig. Option four: One of the three little pigs. And, well, you get the point!


Only three more weeks until Halloween! That means you still have plenty of time to decide what you’re going to wear. Mummies, ghosts, or even a spooky surgeon—you can find plenty of Halloween costumes to wear with the SHEMA97 mask.

Need to order yours before the holiday? Visit our site and pick out the color and option you need! Finally, for more on our masks and how they protect you and others, check out our blog.

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