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8 Uses for the SHEMA97 Mask by

April 5th, 2021

uses for the SHEMA97 mask by

At the start of 2020, many of us had no idea just how handy (or even absolutely essential) masks could be. Now that we’re a year older and wiser, though, we’ve learned so much about this helpful garment. Even as the seasons change beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, you can always find a reason to don your trusty mask. Check out just a few of the many uses for the SHEMA97 mask by

Helping Reduce the Spread of Seasonal Sicknesses

The CDC and other authorities recommend wearing a well-fitting mask to “help keep travel and public transportation safer for everyone”. CDC mask guidelines state that non-medical masks made of “multiple layers of tightly woven, breathable fabric” may be worn for this purpose, and the SHEMA97 Mask by has just that.

Caretaking and Taking Consideration

When you take care of someone, you make a meaningful difference in the world. Though the job can bring unique stresses, we can alleviate some of the worry. Wearing a mask can help you protect immunocompromised family members, friends, or patients.

Thriving During Allergy Season

Did you know that some lucky people out there aren’t allergic to pollen? For the rest of us, though, we all dread the arrival of allergy season. Still, putting on a mask can help stop allergens at the source.

Doing Construction Work

All. That. Dust! Breathing deep isn’t exactly one of the perks of the job when you work construction. Give your lungs a break by wearing a mask.

Mowing the Lawn

You wear ear protection when you mow, right? (And if you don’t—you should!) Well, you can also benefit from wearing a mask.

Cutting Wood

Fall will return before you know it! Plan for roaring fires with your mask.

Cleaning the House

Dealing with dust and the occasional less-than-pleasant smell—you’ll always want a mask on deck when you clean the house. Trust us—it can make a huge difference!

Additional Sun Protection

Want to go on a walk in the fresh air? Or a run? Or a bike ride? You’ll benefit from the extra UV light protection provided by the SHEMA97 mask by It can contribute to the prevention of premature aging, skin cancer, or sunburns. Just remember to still wear sunscreen for total coverage!


The SHEMA97 mask by offers functional nose support, breathability, and style. It also brings flexibility to the table. After all, just look at the many uses for the SHEMA97 mask by Whether you want to wear it on a spring walk, at the grocery store, doing household chores, or more, you have a new longtime companion.

Ready to join the club? Order your SHEMA97 mask by here. Plus, for more on how our masks work, check out our blog.

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