News Post Introduces the SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask

November 23rd, 2020

We’ve been busy at In addition to our usual focus on equipment-fitting resources to get athletes “Fit to Play,” we’ve launched a new product in response to the pandemic: the  SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask.

How the SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask came to be founder Dana Marquez started out sewing masks at home and at his office in Auburn, Alabama, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of his wife, Liz, the two distributed masks to various places in the community including the local-area hospital.

Dana Marquez creating cloth masks with a sewing machine
Photo Credit: Shanna Lockwood/AU Athletics

Inspired by the mask making, Marquez, who is also the Associate Athletics Director of Equipment Operations at Auburn University, then had the idea to draw on his resources to create something greater. Marquez worked with the Atlanta-based North American Group and SHEMA, a South Korean company, to create the SHEMA97 mask.

“This is for helping people who have to wear a mask, like I do, all day, every day,” Marquez said. “The science behind it is pretty amazing. The idea was to find a mask that our student athletes and coaches are comfortable wearing.”

Benefits for wearers

Built for comfort, the SHEMA97 mask by allows for easy breathing without leaving users feeling stifled. Weighing only six grams, this lightweight mask applies less pressure to the ears, while the applied functional nose support helps keep a snug fit. The breathability of the material allows for top-notch air circulation to keep your face cool, and straps are easily adjustable with a sturdy toggle and lanyard.

In the news

Since its launch, the SHEMA97 mask has been featured on notable platforms like, in an article titled “What kind of COVID mask was Nick Saban wearing?” The article references University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban’s use of the SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask. The mask is currently being worn by coaches and players throughout the Southeastern Conference.

In addition, the active wear mask has been touted by ESPN’s Holly Rowe, who applauded the SHEMA97 mask and Marquez in an October 2020 Twitter post.

“Yes Auburn is helping @AlabamaFTBL and I can honestly say this has changed my mask life!” Rowe Tweeted.


So far, the support for the SHEMA97 mask by has been overwhelming! We thank you for supporting this product that we hope will help in making personal and public health a priority for its wearers and society as a whole. Order your mask today at!

16 Responses to “ Introduces the SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask”

  1. Susan Greeson says:

    Where do I order these masks?

  2. says:

    Hi Susan! You can order the SHEMA97 Mask by at the Store – You can also click “Mask Store” in the menu above. Hope this helps!

  3. Angela says:

    How do I clean my new mask?

    • says:

      Angela – please wash your mask by hand using warm water and mild, liquid dish soap. Then, allow to air dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Thank you for shopping with us!

  4. Derek says:

    Is there an opaque option? I have been hassled numerous times for the fact that flight attendants can “see through” (shadows) the mask. As with everything, they care more about feelings and appearance than science. Thanks!

  5. Cori says:

    It says it is good for 20 hand washes. Is it not safe after that?

    • says:

      Hi Cori! We recommend a maximum of 20 washes as the performance of the nanofiber fabric liner may be reduced after that point.

  6. Max says:

    What’s the micron size the mask is effective against?

    Like another commenter, my family has had challenges at some locations because the mask appears transparent (we have the black ones).

    If you published the technical specs that might help when customers are questioned.

    • says:

      Hi Max! The information we currently have states that the nanofiber fabric liner of our masks filters particles down to 1 micron. Unfortunately, in most circumstances where a mask such as our non-v2 styles are disallowed based solely on their appearance, individuals may not be interested in any such information or documentation. For this reason, we recommend our v2 styles for circumstances in which mask appearance may make a difference, as they feature an opaque appearance.

  7. Sarah Moody says:

    Hello! Your info states that the mask protects against infectious sources. Could you be more specific please? Does it block droplets or virus transmission, and has this been verified by third-party testing? It makes me very nervous that I can see through this mask and it is not absorbant. Thank you!

    • says:

      Hi Sarah! The statement regarding “infectious sources” originates from our manufacturing partner. The SHEMA97 mask by is designed to be more breathable than competing mask types, like cloth or paper masks, while remaining as effective. Our masks are not respirators and have not been certified by a respirator-certification body such as NIOSH. That said, our masks reduce the spread of droplets expelled from the wearer as well as, or better than, other non-medical, non-respirator masks. The semi-transparent appearance of our non-v2 styles is not an indicator of performance. Thank you for your interest!

  8. Ted says:

    Does this fog up your glasses like the medical masks they provide at the hospitals do?

    • says:

      Hi Ted! While we can never 100% guarantee that one’s glasses won’t fog up, we’ve had plenty of customers report that theirs no longer did when they tried our masks. A proper fit is very important for avoiding fogging, so if you do try our masks, we recommend following our quick fitting guide, which can be found on our Store’s About the Mask page. Our masks’ nose wire is an important advantage over disposable masks, which usually don’t have such. Have a great day!

  9. John Sherman says:

    In the past month I have been required by one airline and airport to not use my SHEMA97 mask. They say it is mesh, they can see through it, and no longer meets their a standards. I have two of them,,,, so what do you suggest?

    • says:

      John – we’re sorry to hear about your experiences while traveling. Unfortunately, whether a particular mask style will be allowed is often up to each individual working for an airline, theme park, or other location, and these individuals often decide based on a mask’s appearance, not its relative efficacy. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that individuals working for any airline will allow you to wear non-v2 styles of the SHEMA97 mask by We recommend our v2 styles for air travel, as they feature an opaque appearance.

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