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The Decatur Daily: Auburn’s Dana Marquez shares passion for football safety

June 22nd, 2017’s Dana Marquez appeared in The Decatur Daily, who covered his seminar given at Decatur’s high schools. From the Daily:

The proper use of football equipment is a passion for Dana Marquez.

That’s what brought the Auburn equipment manager to Decatur on Tuesday.

Marquez, whose title is associate athletic director for equipment operations, spoke to football coaches from Decatur’s two high schools and three middle schools about the correct way to equip their players for the coming season.

“I feel my job is to bring to the forefront what my profession can do for the game,” Marquez said. “I’m trying to get the word out to parents that we are all trying to make this game as safe as possible.”

The meeting comes at a time when litigation over head injuries connected to concussions has been in the news a lot.

Dwight Satterfield oversees operations and safety for Decatur City Schools and helped arrange Marquez’s visit.

“If this can help one athlete avoid a major concussion, it pays off,” Satterfield said. “Dana is not here peddling products. He is here to make our coaches more aware.”

Marquez has been at Auburn since 2006. He’s in charge of equipment for all sports, but football is his main duty.

“I grew up in San Francisco and played quarterback in high school,” Marquez said. “I followed a friend to Colorado State. The first day there I went to the football office to see if I could help. They sent me to the equipment manager.”

The career has taken Marquez across the country from working with the Denver Broncos and John Elway to the University of California and Aaron Rogers and eventually to Auburn and working with Cam Newton.


Photo courtesy of Crystal Vander Weit/Decatur Daily.

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