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Get Fit to Play Like an Olympic Athlete With’s Fitting Guides

July 3rd, 2024’s fitting guides

The Summer Olympics inspire athletes to strive to be their best. But to be the best, you must train and prepare like the best. Use our resources to get your season started correctly by reviewing’s fitting guides.


As America’s oldest pastime, baseball has a classic uniform for the players. This includes a jersey, pants, stockings and cap. But there are also more technical uniform accessories for specific positions and more.

Additional uniform items include helmets, face masks, chin straps, catching gear and more. Read our baseball equipment fitting guide for more information on properly fitting the equipment.


Also known outside the United States as football, soccer athletes must wear protective gear as well as a uniform.

When getting fit to play soccer, there are five main items. These are a jersey, shorts, socks, cleats and shin pads. Goalkeepers have the option to wear tracksuit bottoms instead of shorts.

Use’s fitting guides for soccer to discover how to fit your equipment properly.


Finding the right fit for basketball goes beyond the uniform. When gearing up for the season, select the correct ball size and get fitted with the proper clothing and footwear. Read our basketball equipment fitting guide to learn more.


Returning to the Olympics in 2028, lacrosse is a high-impact sport that requires the right protective gear. Wearing a helmet and shoulder pads that fit correctly is essential for boys, and protective eyewear is required for girls.

To learn how to fit your equipment and discover more of what you will need, follow our lacrosse guides—we have both a boys’ fitting guide and a girls’ fitting guide.


Ball size, uniform, footwear and protective gear are all needed for volleyball. There are various regulations and rules to follow. Our volleyball equipment fitting guide offers instructions to help.

Ice Hockey 

Although it’s not played in the Summer Olympics, ice hockey is a beloved Winter Olympics sport. Tough on the body, this high-impact sport requires equipment such as helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves and more. View our ice hockey guide for more equipment-fitting information.


Are you ready to get fit to play the right way? With the help of’s fitting guides, you will see step-by-step instructions based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, which should always be followed—no matter the sport or equipment. For more sports tips, continue reading our blogs.

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