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January 5th, 2023's eLearning seminars

Do you have trouble finding properly-fitting equipment for your athletes? Don’t sweat it! Dana Marquez, the founder of, is here to help. Learn the proper fitting techniques when you sign up for one of’s eLearning seminars.’s eLearning seminars’s online seminars teach parents and coaches how to properly fit their athletes’ helmets, shoulder pads, and footwear. Each seminar is personally led by Dana himself.

Following the manufacturers’ fitting guidelines, our eLearning seminars ensure that coaches and parents are learning the proper techniques in order to keep their athletes safe.

When you sign up for’s eLearning seminars, you will be offered the opportunity for a one-on-one fitting session. It doesn’t end there, though. You also gain access to’s eLearning step-by-step instructions!


To participate in our eLearning seminars, we require three to four players with access to a full set of school-provided equipment. For example, equipment can include, but is not limited to, helmets, shoulder pads, and shoes.

Dana will go over the manufacturers’ fitting guidelines and personally fit each player. He will also discuss, in detail, the different aspects of the equipment such as parts of the helmets and shoulder pads.

Following your session, there will be a question-and-answer period. Here, Dana will answer any of your questions and review anything that needs more explaining.


Sign up for one of’s eLearning seminars today by choosing your package and completing this form.  We have packages and pricing ranging from groups of 1 to 15 coaches up to 38-plus coaches.


Visit for more information on equipment and player safety. We even offer individual eLearning classes as well as a variety of other services. For more industry news and other ventures, keep reading our blogs.

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