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The Benefits of Playing Sports for Kids

July 5th, 2023

the benefits of playing sports for kids

Does your child keep asking you to sign him or her up for football, cheerleading, baseball, softball and so on? Here’s some information to help you learn more about the benefits of playing sports for kids to help you make an informed decision on which direction to go.

The physical benefits

The benefits of playing sports for kids are far reaching. Children who are involved in organized youth sports and regular physical activity show a number of physical benefits.

Children who play sports and exercise regularly typically have improved bone, muscle and joint health. They tend to have better weight control which can reduce the risk of certain diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. And, children who exercise regularly have improved cardiovascular fitness.

Youth sports offer children a fun way to exercise regularly and these are but a few examples of the overall physical health advantages of participating in well-structured youth sports.

Mental health benefits

Mental health benefits for kids who participate in sports include reduced stress, less anxiety and depression and higher self-esteem. Additionally, creativity and cognitive performance increase with physical activity which youth sports can provide.

Educational success

Research shows student athletes are also likely to succeed in the classroom. Participating in sports teaches discipline and dedication, which often translates into higher levels of academic achievement.

Benefits beyond childhood

Finally, the benefits of playing sports for kids can stretch well into adulthood. Playing sports gives children and teens the chance to develop vital life skills. Ranging from teamwork to problem-solving to leadership, these skills continue to benefit young athletes well into adulthood.

What’s more, studies show young athletes are eight times more likely to be active adults.


Simply put, kids who play organized sports regularly tend to enjoy life more! But before you send your budding athlete onto the field or court, learn more about properly fitting the necessary equipment with our sports fitting guides. Keep reading our blogs for more youth sports tips or to learn more about signing up for our eLearning seminars.

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