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Why You Should Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines When Fitting a Sports Helmet

May 5th, 2022

Follow the Manufacturer's Guidelines When Fitting a Sports Helmet

There are quite a few things in life that don’t require reading the guidelines. However, fitting sports equipment is not one of them! Every person on your team deserves to play the game safely. In fact, here are a few big reasons why you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when fitting a sports helmet.

Sizing may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Anyone who has ever gone clothes shopping knows that there’s no true standard size among brands. What may be a size 8 shirt from one company could be another’s size 12.

So, how do you know exactly how something might fit?

Reading the guidelines, of course! They will come with dimensions, fitting info, precautions, and more.

You’ll get info from the experts.

Another one of the reasons why you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when fitting a sports helmet is the expertise.

Manufacturers can spend years designing, developing, and making products. They know their supplies better than anyone—so you should absolutely learn what they have to say.

You can learn about technological advancements.

The helmet you purchase today may be quite a bit different from the one you purchased even a few years ago. That means that the fitting guidelines may be different too—but that’s a good thing! Manufacturers will take advantage of technological improvements, as they can use them to create a safer product.

You’ll never regret taking all precautions.

Sports equipment is designed to optimize athletes’ safety when it is fit properly. You will never regret knowing all you can about your team’s safety. Reading the guidelines can help you best take care of your team, both on and off the field.

It’s what our eLearning courses are based on.

The manufacturer’s guidelines will be the most reliable source you can use as you get your athletes fit to play each season. We emphasize that, along with other helpful practices, in our eLearning courses.


When you have a whole team to take care of, it can all get overwhelming. While these reasons to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when fitting a sports helmet should encourage you down the right path, know that you’re not alone.

We’ve created courses designed to teach coaches, parents, and professionals how to correctly fit their players’ football equipment. We even offer two different age levels of courses, so that you can best tailor fittings to your team.

Ready to start learning? Reach out to here. You can also learn more about sports equipment and how to use it best on our blog.

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