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Everything You Need to Know About the SHEMA97 Mask

May 6th, 2024

everything you need to know about the SHEMA97 mask

Maybe you’ve heard of the original SHEMA97 mask by Maybe this is your first time stumbling upon our blog. Either way, we’re offering a refresher by sharing everything you need to know about the SHEMA97 mask now. 

It was born out of necessity. 

The idea initially came to founder Dana Marquez after he and his wife and business partner, Liz, began sewing masks at home during the pandemic in early 2020. Together, they sewed masks and delivered them to places such as the local hospital.

Then Dana thought, “Why not use my resources to create something greater?” With that, he joined forces with the Atlanta-based North American Group and SHEMA, a South Korean company, and the one and only SHEMA97 mask by became a reality. 

It was designed with all-day wear and comfort in mind. 

The SHEMA97 functional active mask is lightweight and designed for comfort. It features a multilayer liner, which allows for easy breathing. More specifically, the mask only weighs six grams, creating less pressure on the ears during wear. 

It also offers better air circulation to help you stay cool and comfortable without feeling muffled. 

The SHEMA97 mask by fits well.

When it comes to everything you need to know about the SHEMA97 mask, how it fits is essential. Thanks to easily adjustable straps and a sturdy nose piece, the mask is made to fit all faces. 

It comes in a variety of sizes and styles. 

What’s more, the comfortable mask is versatile and fashionable too! It comes in various sizes and styles, including medium, large, extra large and double XL. There are also limited-edition children’s sizes in small, extra small and extra extra small. 

In terms of styles, adults have options such as black semi-transparent, white semi-transparent, black V2 opaque and pink V2 opaque. Children’s masks are only available in the original semi-transparent black.

The SHEMA97 active mask is easy to care for. 

Our masks can last up to 20 washes when handled properly. To clarify, the best way to clean your SHEMA97 mask is to gently handwash it in warm water with diluted mild dish soap. After washing it, let it air dry. Learn more about washing your SHEMA97 mask with these tips. 

There are still plenty of reasons to wear a mask.

Do you find yourself wondering when or why wearing a mask can still be helpful? You aren’t alone. That’s why we wrote a blog, “4 Reasons to Still Wear a Mask in the Post-COVID Era,” sharing times when you may opt to wear a mask. 


As we sum up everything you need to know about the SHEMA97 mask, please note that the SHEMA97 mask by is not a respirator, is not N95-certified, is not a surgical mask and is not intended for use in a clinical or surgical setting. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

However, you can learn more about how the functional active mask can be used, including ways it’s great for summer, by reading our blogs. 

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